Dining with a side of Scenery

Silver Fountain

The Cincinnati Dinner Train is pleased to announce for our 2020 season the final addition of the crown of our dinner train jewel, the “Silver Fountain”. The Silver Fountain will be our tail car featuring regular dinner train dining for twenty four people at six four top tables in the forward section of the car and exclusive fine dining for just ten guests in the private lounge area in the rounded rear of the car. The exclusive high end lounge option will feature a slightly different menu, private service and complete exclusivity as guests enjoy dining on two or four top tables or, if leased this way, on one large ten person table. Pullman style chairs are available for guests in the rounded lounge area as they watch the tracks fade away.


Silver Fountain was one of only three such cars built in 1940 by the Budd Co for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad as a diner, lounge/observation car. Originally built for pool service, Silver Fountain operated as a protect car on such trains as the General Pershing Zephyr, Ak-sar-ben Zephyr and Advance Flyer. Silver Fountain is a very unique car in that is has a center vestibule and is basically like having two cars in one. The dining end of the car has a small kitchen capable of full meal service, next to the kitchen is a 24 seat dining room. The observation end of the car has two restrooms and a spacious 22 seat lounge. Retired by CB&Q in the late 1960’s the car was shopped and stored serviceable. The car was then leased to Quaker Oats who used it as a party room at their plant in St. Joseph, MO. Soon after, Silver Fountain was offered for sale in 1973 and sold into private ownership. A local businessman bought the car and moved it to Cincinnati with the intention of restoring it for Amtrak private car use. The car sat beside his business in Bond Hill on freight tracks for the next thirty years. During this time it was severely vandalized. Around 2007 it was moved to Milford Ohio where initial plans for restoration were drawn up but never implemented. In late 2015, Cincinnati Railway owner and Cincinnati Dinner Train co-owner Brian Collins, brokered a deal where ownership ended up in the hands of Crossroads Rail car Restorations in Stearns, Kentucky. Crossroads received financing to do a major restoration on the car based on a lease commitment from the Cincinnati Dinner Train. The restoration is scheduled to be complete around November of 2019.  We are looking forward to it joining our fleet for the 2020 season.

Silver Spirit – sister car to Silver Fountain